Rogue Bolo by Keith Laumer PDF

This book contains two stories.The second is the traditional bolo setp we're used to where a backwater world that was attacked long ago is under attack again and only their anceint "obsolete" bolo that has just been reactivated accidently can save the day.Its not a bad story, although the human characters are pretty uninteresting.
The first story is the one that I found particularly hard to read.It's about the first self-directing bolo (Mark XX I believe) that has just been built and is undergoing field trials when it recieves odd signals from space.The story has no central point of view or entity to act as "narriator", but is told in snippets from recorded conversations and news reels, as if someone years after the incident is trying to piece together what happened.Its an interesting idea, but the result was very disjointed with no character being around for more than a couple of pages.Easily the weakest bolo book I've read so far.
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