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Tucker Elliot is a Georgia native and a diehard baseball fan. A former high school athletic director, varsity baseball coach, and college professor, he is now a fulltime writer residing in Tampa, FL.

Tucker's newest book The Day Before 9/11 was released in March 2013. A harrowing true story that spans America's first decade in the war on terror, The Day Before 9/11 portrays in riveting detail the sacrifices made by military families serving overseas and the enduring pain that accompanies the tragic loss of life.

His most recent book in Black Mesa's sports history / trivia series is titled Cleveland Indians IQ: The Ultimate Test of True Fandom. It was released in October 2012.

In April 2012, Tucker's second book on his home town Braves was released. Dale Murphy, one of Tucker's boyhood heroes, wrote the foreword to Atlanta Braves: An Interactive Guide to the World of Sports.

In total he has authored or contributed to more than 40 sports related books, including New York Yankees IQ, Major League Baseball IQ, Cincinnati Reds IQ, and Tampa Bay Rays IQ (with MLB pitcher Andy Sonnanstine).

In addition to his books, Tucker is a cowriter for the screenplays "Shedding Baggage" and "The Home Stretch."

His current project is working with former professional baseball player Tony Stevens on his memoir. Stevens gave up a baseball career to join the Marines after 9/11.

You can visit Tucker on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, or contact him via email:
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  • The Rainy Season by Tucker Elliot
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