The Right-Under Club by Christine Hurley Deriso PDF

On an ordinary summer day, five girls realize that although they are right under their parents' noses, their complex family lives make them feel like leftover meat loaf.
Presto, the Right-Under Club is born, along with their motto—"We R There 4 U." They meet every week in the cozy confines of Tricia's tree house, where each girl takes a turn revealing her Right-Under problem. The others write down solutions that are discussed, dissected, and discarded until the best one remains. Then it's time to put the plan into action—for better or for worse. After all, what's the worst that can happen when five girls band together to help each other?
Christine Hurley Deriso explores the complex world of stepparents, halfsiblings, and custody battles, capturing the girls' angst and confusion while demonstrating their innate resilience and optimism. "From the Hardcover edition."
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  • The Right-Under Club by Christine Hurley Deriso
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