Step by Step New Zealand by Donna Blaber PDF

Step-by-Step New Zealand reveals this stunning country through a selection of clearly laid-out walks and tours, complemented by beautiful, full-color pictures, an authoritative narrative voice, and a wealth of practical information, all in a compact package.
The guide starts with Recommended Tours, suggesting the book’s best tours for animal-spotters, daredevils, and foodies, among others.
In the Overview, an engaging introduction reveals essential background information on New Zealand’s culture, geography, and lifestyle, plus the lowdown on the country’s food, drink, shopping, entertainment, and history. This provides all the background information needed to set the walks and tours in context.
The Walks and Tours section features 18 irresistible self-guided routes, from the lively city of Auckland and the geysers of Rotorua on the north island, across the Cook Strait to the south island’s dramatic glaciers at Hokitika and the spectacular fiord of Milford Sound. All show step by step how to get the most out of the destination, with something for every budget, taste and trip length. Each of the tours has an clear, easy-to-follow map, hand-picked places to eat and drink en route, great insider tips and informative feature boxes. All this makes it simple for the reader to find the perfect tour for the time they have to spare.
The final section of the book is the Directory, incorporating a user-friendly, fact-packed A to Z of practical information, plus select hotel and restaurant listings, which will lead the reader to the best that New Zealand has to offer.
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