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Ionel Teodoreanu was a famous Romanian novelist between the two World Wars. He is mostly remembered for his books on childhood and adolescence themes. Born in Iaşi into a family of intellectuals, Teodoreanu followed his father (Osvald Teodoreanu) and older brother (Păstorel Teodoreanu, himself a well-known writer) in studying law and becoming a lawyer. After graduating the National Highschool in Iaşi, he obtained his Law degree in 1919. Although he worked as a lawyer, he was more attracted to literature.

He made his debut in 1919, with the Bunicii ("The Grandparents") sketch, in the review Însemnări literare. His editorial debut was represented by the short story volume Uliţa copilăriei ("Childhood Lane", 1923). Like his brother Păstorel - a renowned epigrammatist - he was linked to the Viaţa Românească group led by Garabet Ibrăileanu (who considered Ionel Teodoreanu to be one of the most promising writers of the generation following World War I).

In Iaşi, under Ibrăileanu's leadership, he took active part in one of the most vibrant cultural movements in Romania between the two World Wars. In this environment, Ionel Teodoreanu published his classic novel trilogy La Medeleni ("In Medeleni") (1925 - 1927); its publishing was welcomed by Ibrăileanu with an enthusiastic review.
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